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Ben Miller is an excellent financial advisor.  He is knowledgeable, accessible, and a pleasure to work with.  He has helped  me to organize my finances, reduce my debt, and create opportunities to grow my business and increase my income.  In short, I am getting a financial education that is leading me to financial independence and success.  I heartily recommend his services.  Gary Solomon - Owner, Gate Hill Audio  

Ben has advised me on personal financial matters and the management of my three rental properties.  His help has been incredibly valuable to me and kept me on the right track.  I am impressed with his knowledge & level-headed approach to dealing with issues; all of his advice is based on sound money management.  He knows how to proceed based on how the numbers work, he has excellent people skills, including a solid network of fellow investors, contractors, repair people, etc.  He is a useful person to know & work with.  Shawn Rosacker

Anyone who doesn't make the investment to obtain professional guidance when making a significant financial decision, will wind up in the long run having to find the resources to fix what could have otherwise been prevented.  I guess it really is true: One really can sign their life away like I almost did.  I trust Ben Miller with my finances and real estate planning.  Thank you Ben!  Louis Tristan Rivas

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